Echo Cooler Reverb

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Echo Cooler is a Belton brick, spring reverb with a modulated PT2399 pre-delay and a momentary dry cut footswitch. This means that you can set the amount of time before you hear reverb with the Space control, it also gives the illusion of delay and reverb. The pre-delay can be modulated with the Depth and Rate controls giving a subtle warble. The Slime control adds in some feedback harmonics, this is most noticeable with the Decay and Reverb controls turn up as well. The left footswitch cuts the dry signal leaving only the reverb, turn the Space control down and the Reverb up for best results.

DECAY: length of reverb decay
SPACE: length of pre-delay time
DEPTH: pre-delay LFO modulation depth
RATE: pre-delay LFO modulation rate
REVERB: reverb mix level
SLIME: harmonic feedback amount
BOTTOM RIGHT FOOTSWITCH: momentary dry cut

All jacks up top. Accepts standard Boss 2.1mm dc plug. No battery connection.

Handmade in Ohio. PCB faceplate.

Check out this awesome demo by Pedal of the Day: