Harmageddon PCB

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So you're putting together a crew of the top 90s movie stars to save the world. They're just going to squabble. Forget all about drilling and nukes and just bring one of these. Build it on the trip to the asteroid and shatter it with tone when you get there.

Based on the classic Harmonic Percolator/ Karma Suture circuit with a few tweaks. The resistors are more common values. There are two separate diode blend controls, one each for germanium and silicon, or whatever you want to put in. You could even label the controls the specific diode names.

PCB is black.

Would make a perfect addition to any day ending multi fuzz pedal ;)

Build Guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kFpFYVNQCtvgbAfyd37M5IzuFl9cO3np/view?usp=sharing