Kinnian PCB

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Kinnian is another Rat circuit, YAR! It's our simplest yet but also the most charming. Notice the Hi and Lo controls, tone? Nah. In fact, there's no tone control at all, no high cut typical of a Rat and most other distortions and overdrives. The Hi and Lo smooths out the distortion on high and low frequencies. The classic Ruetz mod that clips out a resistor in one of two resistor/capacitor pairs has been replaced by a potentiometer. The resistor in other resistor/capacitor pair has been swapped with a potentiometer too! This gives a really wide control over the gain of the circuit. The center switch is a diode selector, switched to the left is red LEDs, right is silicon diodes, and center is diode lift which produces a louder and less distorted sound. The IC used is an LM308 for classic Rat tones, but you can bridge the 30p cap and use an OP07.

Fits a 125B size enclosure. White box provided for marking initials or date or whatever you want, a sharpie adheres well. 3PDT bypass board provided.

Comes with a Zero G IOD 3PDT bypass board.

Build Guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EUZpiko37Njtdw4RNt4txrX4dRfrdmmi/view?usp=sharing