Leaning Tower of Cheeza PCB

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Leaning Tower of Cheeza is a clone of the Big Cheese Fuzz with several modifications.
The idea was to replace the rotary switch with individual toggles and a stomp for two reasons, one being the ability to use the different settings together and the second reason that toggle switches are just more common and likely for you to already have on hand.

Mid scoop and tone bypass are toggle switches and the "Cheese" setting is switchable on a stomp with an external bias control.

There is also a white block in the upper left hand corner to write a date or initials or whatever.

Comes with a 3PDT bypass PCB as well.

BOM and drill guide can be found in the product pictures.
Print drill guide at 100%. Do not scale. Take extra care drilling the stomp switch holes, it's pretty tight in the case.