The Fuzz After Tomorrow v1.5

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I'm working on a new fuzz based on the circuit in The Fuzz After Tomorrow. This is the prototype. It sounds so awesome so I'm doing a short run of 5.
Tone: "twin-t" style tone control, similar to the big muff but not really mid scooped.
Bias: sets the transistor bias, ranges from smooth to really gated. This is very interactive with Rust, Rot, Input and especially Decay.
Lo: is an input bass control but it's very subtle because the whole circuit adds a lot of low end after that.
Input: sets the input level, sort of like turning down the guitar's volume.
Level: overall output volume
Rust: sets the resistance between the feedback path of the transistors. This is almost like a gain control, it adds grit.
Rot: traditional fuzz control. Rust and Rot seem like they cover the same territory but they add different textures.
Decay: sets the amount of gating when the Decay foot switch is depressed. There are many settings that will just cut the sound completely which can be fun too. To reiterate, Bias, Rust, Rot, and Decay are very interactive so changing one of these may result in different gated sounds or may cause the Decay foot switch to drop signal, adjust Decay control to compensate.

The sounds range from a nice clangy overdrive to all out doomy fuzz.

Metal stamped lettering on a raw enclosure.

Soft click bypass.
All jacks up top. Accepts standard 2.1mm +9v DC jack only.

Ships immediately.