The Grays Dual Overdrive


The Grays is a dual overdrive inspired by the classic 250 gray box version.

The left side is a true clone of the original gray version 250. Straight up, two knobs. This side we call Dark Gray.

The right side is a modded version. There is a traditional high cut filter as well as a low control. This provides a full range of tone shaping. This side also incorporates soft clipping diodes as well as the hard clipping in the original. This side is called Lite Gray.

Each side has its own bypass switch and there is an order switcher between them which provides even more tone shaping.

Suggested uses:
- Set one side at low gain as a volume boost, when the "boost" is before your drive it'll push the gain harder, with the "boost" after you'll get volume increase which could be useful for solos or changes to a harder/ louder part of a song.

- Crank the gain on both for a true implement of destruction.

PCB faceplate I'm a raw enclosure.
True bypass.
All jacks up top. Accepts standard 2.1mm dc plug.
Handmade in USA.

Please allow two to three weeks for production.