The Seventh Element Lofi Filter

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Last one!

The Seventh Element is a clone of the LF7 Lofi Filter. The original is very unique unit which can boost and cut lo and hi frequencies a lot. This can be used to shape your tone a little or transform your guitar into an old radio or even the club downstairs. The original suffered from a lack of volume which we've upped a little while still keeping the overall sound the same. There is also a separate Boost circuit which came be switched to before or after the filter. This can add extra grit before the filter or a volume boost after it.

Left stomp switch is the filter.
Right stomp switch is the boost.
The toggle between them switches the effect order. Toggle pointing left is boost into filter. Toggle right is filter into boost.

All jacks up top. Standard 2.1mm power plug accepted. +9v only.

Handmade in Ohio.

Ships immediately.