Vitarium Fuzz PCB and Faceplate

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Vitarium is a vintage styled fuzz DIY PCB clone of the out of production Dirt Transmitter. Vitarium has larger footprints to accommodate vintage NOS parts. It incorporates 1/2W resistor, axial capacitor, and vintage transistor footprint sizes. See BOM for specific part sizing. I bent the legs of common modern parts for my proto when verifying the PCB so don't feel obligated to use NOS parts, it still rips!

INPUT: input level gain control
OUTPUT: output level
BIAS: transistor bias control
TONE: hi frequency cut

Designed for a 1590BB size enclosure, use Lumberg jacks for the easiest boxing.

You will receive:
3PDT bypass board

See pics for BOM, drill guide, and schematic.

"Vitarium" comes from Philip K. Dick's "Counter-Clock World".

Hey if you're not sure about sourcing these parts here is a mouser parts list that was put together by @awallofsound

Vitarium Component List - All Mouser Part Numbers

Vishay Electrolytic Capacitors:

100u - 25v: 594-2222-118-36101
47u - 40v: 594-2222-118-37479
22u - 63v: 594-2222-118-38229
4u7 - 100v: 594-MAL211839478E3

Xicon Film Capacitors:

6n8 - 50v: 23PS268

Vishay and Walsin Ceramic capacitors:

470pf - 100v: 594-D471K20Y5PH63L2R

100pf: 791-YP500101K4020C2P

Central Semi Transistors:

2n1711: 610-2N1711

All 1/2w carbon comp resistors can be purchased at AmplifiedParts.com